Trip to the Riverland

G’day all,

Marija VK5FMAZ and I would like to thank everyone who called us over the weekend during our activations of six parks in the Riverland region of South Australia.

We activated the following parks:-

  1. Billiatt Wilderness Protection Area VKFF-1685
  2. Chowilla Game Reserve VKFF-1697
  3. Chowilla Regional Reserve VKFF-1698
  4. Danggali Conservation Park 5CP-052 & VKFF-0825
  5. Pike River Conservation Park 5CP-180 & VKFF-0831
  6. Maize Island Lagoon Conservation Park 5CP-123 & VKFF-0827

We made a total of 398 QSOs.  This included 35 Park to Park contacts.

More information and photos re each activation will appear here on my WordPress site over the next week.

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