WWFF global Hunter 1,644

I received my latest WWFF global certificate last night for working a total of 1,644 references.

Thank you to all of the activators and thank you to Karl DL1JKK the Awards Manager.

VK5PAS Global Hunter 1,644.png

4 thoughts on “WWFF global Hunter 1,644

    • Hi John,

      I’m just starting to hear some of the European park activators which is a good thing. Hopefully, the band conditions are starting to improve.

      73 and ’44’,

      Paul VK5PAS.

    • Hi Chris,

      In the past few weeks, I’ve been hearing quite a few of the European activators on the short path on 20m. That is always a good thing when adding to the tally.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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