Aeronautical mobile contacts

A few weeks ago on the ANZA DX Net I spoke with Denny KN6KNE who was aeronautical mobile. He was in the cockpit of American Airlines 1209 from San Diego to Miami. Following our QSO, Denny sent me an email to let me know that one of the Captains at his base had the same first and last name as me. 

About a week later on 25th May 2021, I spoke with Denny again on the ANZA DX Net on 20m. This time he was in the cockpit of an American Airlines 737.

The flight AAL456 was between Dallas and Sacramento.

While speaking with Denny I was able to track him on Flight Radar 24 as he flew over Utah in the USA. Signal report was 5/6 both ways.

And then a few days later, on 27th May 2021, on 40m, I spoke with Steve VK4VN who was in a Cessna flying over Queensland.

Again, I was able to track Steve on Flight Radar 24.

I have spoken with Jerry PH9HB a number of times in the past, while he has been flying over Europe. However, I have not heard Jerry for a few years now. I think the band conditions are starting to pick up, so hopefully my next contact with Jerry won’t be too far away.

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