WBCQ – 9930 kHz

On Sunday evening (10th October 2021) I then tuned into WBCQ on 9330 kHz on the 31m band.

WBCQ is an international shortwave broadcast station located in Monticello, Main, in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. They broadcast on 7490 kHz, 9330 kHz, 4790 kHz, 3265 kHZ, and 6160 kHz.

In 2018, WBCQ applied for a transmitter license associated with a rotatable antenna, later revealed to be a 500 kW transmitter for an Ampegon rotatable curtain antenna on a single mast.

WBCQ was coming in very nicely to my location. The signal was excellent, with nil interference, and only slight fading on the signal. Their broadcast consisted of a religious program and their Mailbag program.


Below is a short video of my reception of WBCQ.


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