KTWR GUAM – 9910 kHz

My next station logged on 7th November 2021 was another special station. I had tuned into this station many times during the 1980’s. It was KTWR in GUAM in the Pacific. They were broadcasting in the English and Chinese languages on 9910 kHz.

Above:- World globe showing the location of Guam. Image c/o Wikipedia.

KTWR is part of Trans World Radio (TWR), a multinational evangelical Christian media distributor. It is the largest Christian media organisation in the world. TWR has major transmitting sites around the world, including Guam. KTWR has broadcasted for about 40 years with programs in numerous languages.

The TWR Asia website states:-

“The mission at KTWR is clear—to provide the most effective and reliable radio services possible to TWR Asia, and to do it in a God-honoring way so that Christ may be known throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.”

The KTWR Guam site sits on a mountainside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. KTWR uses six (6) TCI curtain antennas. In recent years, KTWR has received upgrades which include the replacement of two of the aging 100-kilowatt transmitters were replaced in July 2013 with refurbished 250-kilowatt ones. Solar panels have also been installed to reduce the cost of keeping KTWR on air.

Above:- KTWR transmitting site. Images c/o KTWR

I was receiving KTWR well. The signal strength was strong and there was only slight fading on the signa. I did experience an Over the Horizon radar on the frequency from time to time.


Below is a video showing my reception of KTWR.


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