Corruna South, VK5/ SW-017

Corruna South, VK5/ SW-017, was my second summit for Monday, 10th June, 2013.  It is 396 metres above sea level and is worth 1 point.

Corruna South is located about 10 kms north of Iron Knob, just off the Kingoonya-Iron Knob Road.  It is situated on private property owned by Graham FRENCH.

IMG_2728     IMG_2733

I met up with Graham and said g’day before tackling the hill.  It took me about 1 hour to climb to the top.  There is no track.  There are sheer cliff faces on the southern side and a large waterfall, so I found the best way to tackle the summit was to start climbing from the eastern side.  There is no track, so there was a fair bit of rock climbing and bush bashing.

IMG_2734     IMG_2741

Once at the top, the summit plateaus off quite a bit.  There are a lot of rocks and trees at the top which you can attach a dipole to.


Conditions on 40m SSB locally were very good, but into the eastern states they were very poor.  I did manage a summit to summit QSO with Ian, VK1DI who was portable on VK3/ VW-007 near Boroka lookout.  Ian had a good strong 5/8 signal.

After working all the usual ‘Chasers’ on 40m I QSY’d to 20m SSB and spoke to John ZL2JBR (5/9 both ways).  I then had a good chat with Dan K7SS who was 5/9 and I received 4/5 back.  My last DX contact for the day was with Pat I5ZSS who was a very strong 5/9.  I received a 5/7 signal report back from Pat.

What followed Pat’s QSO, was a constant stream of calls from the eastern states.  Signals into VK1, VK2, VK3, & VK4 were excellent.

This just reinforced my ethic of trying 20m for contacts around Australia other than the close in states.

I ended up with a total of 42 QSO’s.

Stations worked were as follows:- Roy VK5NRG; Ian VK5CZ; Peter VK3PF; Graham VK5KGP; Trevor VK5ATW; Steve VK5AIM/p; Warren VK3BYD; Glenn VK3YY; Mal VK5MJ/m; Ernie VK3DET; Allen VK3HRA; Shaun VK5FAKV; Brian VK5FMID; Nick VK3ANL; Ian VK1DI/3 (SOTA); Tony VK3CAT; Paul VK5FUZZ; John VK5FTCT; Wayne VK3WAM/p; Hans VK5YX; Peter VK3ZPF; Ian VK5IS/qrp; Ron VK3AFW/m; John VK5BJE; VK3JP; John ZL2JBR; Dan K7SS; Pat I5ZSS; Bernard VK3AMB; Ed VK2JI; VK3DXJ; VK1OO; Simon VK3SIM; Dennis VK2HHA; Rob VK3EY; VK3XBC; Max VK3MCX; Don VK3MCK; Adam VK2YK; Alan VK4KO; and Tony VK5WC/4.

For more information, see PeakClimbs at…..

Below is a video of my activation, which I have placed on You Tube.

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