Glen Roy Conservation Park

My second activation on Monday was the Glen Roy Conservation Park, which is located about half way between Penola and Naracoorte in the South East of South Australia, off the Riddoch Highway.

My drive from Telford Scrub took me north along the Riddoch Highway and through the Penola Forest before reaching the town of Penola.  Continuing north I travelled through some of the famous South East wine growing region and through the town of Coonawarra.  I am quite a wine buff and have consumed many a bottle of wine from this region.


I haven’t been able to find out a lot of information on the Glen Roy Conservation Park.  However it appears that the McDonald family from Scotland in the 1800s and established the nearby Glen Roy Station where sheep were farmed.

Col VK5HCF activated this park during the 1 year anniversary of the VK5 Parks award.  A write up and a video of his activation can be found at…..


I accessed the park via Rabbits Road which runs off the eastern side of the Riddoch Highway.  It is just a short drive along this dirt road (about 600 metres), before you reach the park on your right, on the southern side of the road.  There is a large pine plantation on the northern side of the road.

Screenshot 2014-06-10 14.39.14

There was a track heading south on the western boundary of the park, but it looked a little boggy for my Falcon, so I parked right on the north western corner of the park, and utilised the track to my advantage by stringing out the legs of the dipole.  I set up my deck chair and fold up table and again used the Yaesu FT-450 and 40 watts for this activation, along with the 40m/20m linked dipole.


My first contact was with John VK5BJE with a strong 5/9 signal, and this was followed by Mike VK3XL who was on SOTA summit Mount Beenak VK3/ VC-016.  Mike also had a good strong 5/9 signal.  I have mentioned it before, but it is really pleasing to see that a lof of the SOTA activators are now also hunting the park activators.  Brian VK5FMID then called in, using just 1 watt.  Although not that far away, with just 1 watt, Brian had a terrific 5/8 signal.


Whilst in the park I had another very nice QSO with Peter VK3YE who was pedestrian mobile on the beach, about 29 km south of Melbourne, running QRP and a vertical antenna.  For anyone who has not seen some of Peter’s videos, I would highly recommend that you google VK3YE and watch a few.  What Peter does with low power and home brew gear is truly amazing.

Here is a link to Peter’s website….

Another memorable contact whilst in Glen Roy was with Amanda VK3FQSO who called in with just 1/2 watt and was a very nice 5/6 signal.  It is quite incredible what you can do with QRP and especially when you are operating in a noise free environment like a Conservation Park.


I also had a few more QRP contacts whilst in Glen Roy including: Tom VK5FTRG (5/8) on 1 watt from the South East; Ian VK5IS (5/9) on 5 watts from the mid north of South Australia; and Erik VK3FMSC (5/9) on 1 watt.

I was also called by the following mobile stations: Greg VK5ZGY (5/9); Gary VK5ZK/m (5/9); and Len VK3FB/m (5/8).

I even managed a VK4 contact from Glen Roy and this was with Brendon VK4MAC in Maleny near the Sunshine Coast (5/5 sent and 5/3 received).  I don’t work too many VK4s on 40m whilst I am out and about in the parks or on summits.

My final contact of the day was another SOTA contact.  This time with Ian VK1DI/2 who was on SOTA summit Mount Burngoogee, VK2/ RI-016.  Ian had a solid 5/8 signal.  Here is a link to Ian’s blog re his activation…..

The following stations were worked:

John VK5BJE; Mike VK3XL/p; Brian VK5FMID; Charles VK5FBAC; Peter VK3YE/pm; Amanda VK3FQSO; Tom VK5FTRG; John VK5FMJC/p; Ian VK5IS; Peter VK3PF; David VK3UCD; Tony VK5FTVR; Rick VK5FIVE; Nigel VK5NIG; Greg VK5ZGY/m; STand VK3BNJ; Erik VK3FMSC; Brendon VK4MAC; Kev VK3NKC; Gary VK5ZK/m; Graham VK5KGP; Steve VK2FISN; Phil VK3BHR; VK3FB/m; Erwin VK3ERW; Patrick VK5MPJ; Allen VK3HRA; Bernard VK3AMB; and Ian VK1DI/2.

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