Update on fire

The Sampson Flat fire has now burnt about 11,500 hectares (28,750 acres) of area.  A watch and act warning is now in place.  According to the CFS website, the fire continues to burn out of control on all flanks.

Below is a map of the fireground as of 9.30 p.m. last night.

I have left a message for Noel, the owner of the land that Mount Gawler is located on.  I have offered any assistance that he may need.  I am sure there are some other SOTA activators who would be prepared to offer their assistance.  Noel has been very supportive of SOTA, so I think any help we can provide him would be a good thing.

There are also a number of amateurs who are located in the fire affected area, including my good mate Greg VK5LG, who fortunately to date has not suffered any property damage.  My thoughts are with you Greg.

More information on the fire can be located on the Country Fire Service website at…..


Screenshot 2015-01-04 09.14.51

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