Fairview Conservation Park VKFF-0879 and 5CP-065

I had three planned park activations for Monday 13th June 2016.  The first being the Fairview Conservation Park VKFF-0879 and 5CP-065.  This was again another park that had been previously activated for the VK5 Parks Award but not the World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program.

I last activated this park back in June 2015, when I was last in the South East for the SERG Convention.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 15.05.27

Above:- Map showing the location of the Fairview Conservation Park in south eastern South Australia.  Map courtesy of Location SA Map Viewer.

I had a bright and early start from Mount Gambier.  And it was a freezing cold morning with overnight temperatures below zero.  I checked out of the motel and headed for the ‘Golden Arches’ (McDonalds) for some breakfast.  I then headed out of Mount Gambier along the Riddoch Highway, enjoying an amazing sunrise.


I travelled out through Narracoorte until I reached Lochaber Lane.  There is a large sign indicating the park at this location.  I drove out along Lochaber Lane until I reached Woolumbool Road, and it wasn’t long before I reached the park.


A few km along Woolumbool Road there is an open gate which allows access to the park.  A large rainwater tank can be located here.  This is the start of the 4WD tracks that traverse through the park.  This is where I set up my station.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 15.05.57

Above:- Aerial shot showing my operating spot within the Fairview Conservation Park.  Image courtesy of Location SA Map Viewer.

Fairview CP is situated about 17 km north of Lucindale and about 345 km south east of Adelaide.  The park was constituted in 1960 and covers an area of around 1,398 hectares (3,440 acres) so it is quite a large park.  The park contains two semi permanent lagoons which I did not visit.   According to the park Management Plan there is a picnic area situated between the lagoons which can be reached by a track leading from the north west corner of the park.  But due to the date of this publication, I’m not sure if that still exists.

The park also has extensive areas of seasonally inundated flats, sandy flats and ridges, and limestone ridges.  The park contains large gums, Stringy Barks, various native grasses, and Banksias.  Other than the native wildlife, deer can also be found in the park.  The rare Red Tailed Black Cockatoo can be found in the park.

Although the sun had come out and the sky was a beautiful blue, it was still absolutely freezing.  At the time of setting up in Fairview it was 2 degrees C.  Prior to calling CQ I had a look around the 40m band and worked Gerard VK2IO who was activating the Crowdy Bay National Park VKFF-0120 (5/9 both ways).  I then spoke with Al VK1RX/2 who was activating SOTA peak Mount Gillamatong VK2/ ST-034 (5/9 both ways).  And then Nick VK3ANL who was activating Paddys Range State Park VKFF-0772 (5/9 both ways).  The 40m band was in excellent shape.

I then moved to 7.144 and commenced calling CQ and this was answered by Dennis VK2HHA in Albury, followed by Mike VK6MB who was 5/9, and then Steve VK7CW.  I worked a total of 56 stations on 40m from VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5, VK6, and VK7.

I then moved to 20m where I worked just 5 stations from VK2, VK4, and VK6.  All had excellent signals and despite being placed on parksnpeaks by Rick VK4RF, I had no further takers.  To finish off the activation I made a single 15m contact with Mike VK6MB (5/7 sent and 5/9 received).  Unfortunately I could not self spot from the park as I had very limited mobile phone coverage.

So off to the next park it was for me.  Well, not quite.  I got in the Toyota Hi Lux and it wouldn’t start.  The battery appeared flat.  Fortunately for me I was able to get a jump start from one of the local farmers, for which I am extremely grateful.

Thanks to Les VK5KLV and Rick VK4RF for posting me on Facebook.  And thanks to Rick VK4RF, Adrian VK5FANA, and Rob VK4AAC/3 for spotting me on the DX cluster.

The following stations were worked on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK2IO/p (VKFF-0120)
  2. VK1RX/2 (SOTA VK2/ ST-034)
  3. VK3ANL/p (VKFF-0772)
  4. VK2HHA
  5. VK6MB
  6. VK7CW
  7. VK3TJK
  8. VK2YK
  9. VK3SIM
  10. VK3MRH
  11. VK3SQ
  12. VK3MCK
  13. VK5FANA
  14. VK2GAZ
  15. VK5KLV
  16. VK2MT/p
  17. VK4RF
  18. VK4HA
  19. VK2LEE
  20. VK6JON mobile 7
  21. VK2LAX
  22. VK3FLES
  23. VK3PAT
  24. VK3PF
  25. VK2HV
  26. VK4HNS/p
  27. VK1AT
  28. VK4VXX/2
  29. VK3DAC
  30. VK3ZMD
  31. VK2KYO
  32. VK4RF
  33. VK4HA
  34. VK1DI
  35. VK2WOW
  36. VK3FGMO
  37. VK3FADM
  38. VK5HS mobile
  39. VK2IO/p (VKFF-0120)
  40. VK4AAC/3
  41. VK3IL/p
  42. VK5FLEX mobile
  43. VK3GGG
  44. VK3PMG
  45. VK5BJE
  46. VK2LEE
  47. VK5JK
  48. VK3NXT
  49. VK3FSPG
  50. VK3ERW
  51. VK3ARH
  52. VK3FLCS
  53. VK2YW
  54. VK3XV
  55. VK5FTVR
  56. VK2LAX

The following stations were worked on 20m SSB:-

  1. VK2LEE
  2. VK4HNS/p
  3. VK4RF
  4. VK4HA
  5. VK6MB

The following station was worked on 15m SSB:-

  1. VK6MB

4 thoughts on “Fairview Conservation Park VKFF-0879 and 5CP-065

  1. Hi Paul,
    I am sure glad I could join you on the Monday (as least on the air)! I knew you had battery problems but I didn’t know you had to seek assistance from a local. You were very fortunate that someone was around.
    I enjoyed reading about this park as I have activated it in the past as well. I had to climb the fence!

    John D

  2. Hi John,

    Yep, very lucky. I flagged down a young lad who went back down the road to his farm and they came back with some jumper leads. I am very grateful.

    Re access to the park, if you head north along Woolumbool Road, up towards Kilmorey Road, you will find an open gate and a water tank. This is the start of the 4WD tracks through the park. You can drive in here comfortably in a conventional vehicle. No need to jump the fence then.



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