KM4ATT, Violetta

Back in late September 2016 I was tuning across the 40m band and came across Jim WB2REM on 7.163, and a net which he runs with fellow USA stations.  I worked Jim and a further 7 stations in the USA, including Violetta KM4ATT in Pennsylvania.  What was special about the QSO with Violetta is that she is just 12 years old.

I sent off a QSL card to Violetta along with some photos of myself and my wife Marija, and some Australiana photos including kangaroos, koalas, etc.  I was very pleased to receive a QSL card back from Violetta.


Violetta told me in her reply thatI was her first QSO to Australia and of course the first QSL card she had ever received from Australia.  Violetta told me that she is one of 9 in her family and that f those 9, 8 are licenced amateurs.  Wow!  The youngest being her only brother Aaron KM4LEJ who is just 7 years old.

Violetta said: “Ham radio is so cool.  There’s always new stuff to learn‘.

It was great to hear a young person with so much enthusiasm for the hobby.


Violetta also sent a photo of her Dad, Shannon KA8JRQ.  More information can be found on Shannon’s page.