Eleven silos for Silos On The AIR (SiOTA)

Yesterday I activated a total of 11 silos for the Silos On The AIr (SiOTA) program.

As I had a 500 km round trip, most of the activations were ‘quick’.

I headed to my local silo at nearby Strathalbyn, and then to Monarto, Murray Bridge & Tailem Bend. I then headed east on the Mallee Highway to the VK3/VK5 State border and then turned around and headed home.

I made a total of 183 QSOs on 20, 40, & 80m SSB into VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5, VK6, VK7, & ZL.

Below are the silos I activated:-

  • Strathalbyn VK-STN5 – 9 QSOs.
  • Monarto South VK-MNH5 – 19 QSOs.
  • Murray Bridge VK-MRE5 – 11 QSOs.
  • Tailem Bend VK-WRN5 – 12 QSOs.
  • Peake VK-PKE5 – 22 QSOs.
  • Jabuk VK-JBK5 – 17 QSOs.
  • Geranium VK-GRM5 – 33 QSOs.
  • Lameroo VK-LMO5 – 16 QSOs.
  • Parilla VK-PRA5 – 17 QSOs.
  • Pinnaroo VK-PNO5 – 19 QSOs.
  • Quarantine (Pinnaroo) VK-QRE5 – 8 QSOs.

I will slowly start adding my QSOs to the SiOTA database.

Thanks to everyone who called. It was a great day out. Many of these little towns have a lot of history, so other than activating there was quite a bit of ‘sightseeing’.

2 thoughts on “Eleven silos for Silos On The AIR (SiOTA)

    • Hi Chris,

      I have travelled along the Mallee Highway dozens of times but still found a few new sites on this trip. The ‘death’ of a lot of these little towns was the end of the railway.


      Paul VK5PAS.

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