Uploading logs for SiOTA

Here is the process I use for uploading logs for the Silos On The Air (SiOTA) program.

  1. Complete the SiOTA template
  2. Upload the template to ADIF Master
  3. Upload the log to the SiOTA database

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to Adam VK2YK who provided me with advice and the SiOTA template which he created. You can find the template below.

When filling out the template, ensure that there is a leading zero in the time when you save as a CSV. The remainder should be self explanatory.

Remember, save the file as a CSV, not an XLS.

I then use a program called ADIF Master.

I import the CSV file into ADIF Master by clicking on ‘Import’. You should then see all your QSOs brought across from the CSV file.

Next, save the file as an adif file.

Next log into the Silos On The Air website at……


Click on ‘My Log’ and then ‘Upload’.

You should then see your QSOs.

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