Voice of Indonesia – 3325 kHz

My next station on 9th October 2021 was the Voice of Indonesia on 3325 kHz on the 90m shortwave band.

I tuned in at 1320 UTC. The program was in the English language.

The Voice of Indonesia is a part of Radio Reublik Indonesia which broadcasts all over Indonesia and abroad to serve all Indonesian citizens anywhere in the country and abroad. RRI also provides information about Indonesia to people around the world. Voice of Indonesia is the division for abroad broadcasting.

Above:- RRI Voice of Indonesia logo

The Voice of Indonesia was coming in relatively well. The signal was fair with moderate fading. There was no interference from adjacent stations. However, it was the static crashes that made listening difficult at times.


Below is a video of my reception of the Voice of Indonesia as heard on my Tecsun S-2000 and the Tecsun random wire just a few feet off the ground.

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