Myanmar Radio – 5915 kHz

First in the log for me on Tuesday 19th October 2021 was Myanmar Radio on 5915 kHz on the 40m band shortwave.

Myanmar officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and formerly known as Burma is a country in South-East Asia. 

Above:- World globe showing the location of Myanmar in South-East Asia. Image c/o Wikipedia.

Myanmar Radio was formerly known as the Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS)), and is the national radio service of Myanmar.

I was receiving Myanmar Radio overall fair. The signal strength was fair with moderate interference from a Chinese language station on.5925 kHz, believed to be CNR. Fading of the signal was slight. However, there were significant static crashes from local storms/lightning activity on the east coast of Australia.


However at 1130 UTC everything changed dramatically. China Radio International (CRI) on 5910 in the Filipino language commenced, and that was the end of the reception of Myanmar Radio. CRI totally wiped it out. CRI was extremely strong.

Below is a short video of my reception of Myanmar Radio.


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