China National Radio – 15710 kHz

Next on Sunday 7th November 2021, I logged China National Radio on 15710 kHz. Their broadcast was in the Hakka language. I tuned in at 0841 UTC.

China National Radio (CNR) is the national radio network of China.

CNR’s headquarters is located in Beijing.

CNR HQ in Beijing. Image c/o Wikipedia

CNR can trace its roots back to December 1940 when the first radio station was established by the Communist Party of China. The station which used the callsign of XNCR ‘New China Radio’ in Yan’an with a transmitter from Moscow. In the west, the station was known as Yan’an New China Radio Station. In CHina it was known as the Yan’an Xinhua Broadcasting Station.

On the 25th day of March 1949, when the station was moved from Yan’an, it was renamed Shanbei Xinhua Broadcasting Station. It subsequently commenced broadcasts from Peiping under the name of Peiping Xinhua Broadcasting Station.

On the 5th day of December 1949, the station was officially named the Central People’s Broadcasting Station. This was just 2 months following the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. The founding father Mao Zedong emphasised that all Chinese citizens should listen to the station on the 5th day of May 1941. The “Central Press and Broadcasting Bureau” was the driver in pushing all schools, army units, and public organizations of all levels to install loud public speakers and radio transmitters. By the 1960s, 70 million speakers were installed reaching the rural population of 400 million.

The Central People’s Broadcasting Station innovated wired transmissions, which were linked to the commonly found telephone poles hanging with loudspeakers. It was part of Mao’s ideology of delivering “Politics on Demand”. 0The station was later renamed China National Radio.

Above:- Mao Zedong. Image c/o Wikipedia

The reception of CNR was overall good. The signal strength was strong with no interference. There was only slight fading on the signal.


Below is a short video of my reception of China Radio International.


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