Wye River State Reserve VKFF-1841

Our final park activation for 2nd November 2022 was the Wye River State Reserve VKFF-1841. The park is located about 23 km north west of Swansea.

Above:- Map showing the location of the Wye River State Reserve. Map c/o Google maps

The Wye River State Reserve was created to protect forest communities and threatened flora species. Wye River is predominantly dry sclerophyll forest with some areas of wet eucalypt forest and in the north areas of Oyster Bay pine forest.

Above:- An aerial view of the Wye River State Reserve. Image c/o Google Earth.

The Reserve which comprises the former Bluemans Creek State Reserve and Wye River Bluemans Creek State Reserve, was proclaimed on the 31st day of May 2000. The area of the Wye River State Reserve which was formerly Bluemans Creek State Reserve is listed on the Register of the National Estate in Tasmania.

We operated from the Bluemans Creek roadside stop area on the Lake Leake Highway. Equipment used was the Yaesu FT857d, 40 watts output and the 20/40/80m linked dipole, inverted vee, supported on a 7 metre heavy duty telescopic squid pole.

I enjoyed a nice little opening on the 20m band, long path into Europe, working Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Romania, Germany, and Greece.

Marija made the following QSOs on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK3PF
  2. VK3SQ
  3. VK3VIN
  4. VK2VH
  5. VK4AAC
  6. VK4TJ
  7. VK3GRX
  8. VK3MTT
  9. VK2MET
  10. VK1AO
  11. VK5FB

I made the following QSOs on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK3PF
  2. VK3SQ
  3. VK3VIN
  4. VK2VH
  5. VK4AAC
  6. VK4TJ
  7. VK3GRX
  8. VK3MTT
  9. VK2MET
  10. VK1AO
  11. VK5FB
  12. VK4NH
  13. VK4DXA
  14. VK2MOE
  15. VK2NP
  16. VK5FANA
  17. VK5IS
  18. VK5KVA
  19. VK2IO
  20. VK3NP
  21. Vk7XX
  22. VK3ZPF
  23. VK1DI
  24. VK3EJ
  25. VK2YAK/m
  26. VK3KST
  27. VK3DNB
  28. VK1FPRV
  29. VK2PCT/m
  30. VK2ACK
  31. VK7HBR
  32. VK5CZ
  33. VK4PDX
  34. VK3NZC
  35. VK3YSA/m
  36. VK3ACZ
  37. VK3QA
  38. VK3DJC
  39. VK5WU
  40. ZL3MR
  41. VK3BKO
  42. VK2PKT
  43. VK2DA
  44. VK1DA
  45. VK2EXA

I made the following QSOs on 20m SSB:-

  1. ZL4NVW
  2. IK4IDF
  3. VK4NH
  4. VK4DXA
  5. IK1GPG
  6. IK3QAN
  7. VK4EMP
  8. EA4FLS
  9. F4CIM
  10. IZ5CML
  11. VK4HAT
  12. OK7WA
  13. VK4KC
  14. VK4MAD
  15. VK4DOG
  16. EA3AKP
  17. EA3HZX
  18. VK4EW
  19. VK4BXX
  20. OH1MM
  21. SP7MW
  22. F1BLL
  23. VK4PDX
  24. YO3APJ
  25. IK8NSR
  26. DK4RM
  27. EA3IM
  28. IW2BNA
  29. VK4MUD
  30. SV3SFJ
  31. DJ1AL
  32. SP9AW
  33. KG5CIK

Unfortunately we had to conclude the activation, even with callers still calling, due to us needing to get to our accomodation. It was nearly 6.00 p.m.

We headed in to the little town of Swansea and checked in to our accomodation at the Swansea Beach Chalets.

Below are some of the views of the bay and the coastline from where we were staying.

The town of Swansea is situated on the east coast of Tasmania on the north west shore of Great Oyster Bay and overlooks Frecinet National Park. The town was established in 1821 and was named Swansea by George Meredith, a Welshman who settled in the area, after Swansea in Wales.

There are a number of historic buildings in the town including Morris’ General Store which was built in 1838, and Schouten House which was built in 1845.

After freshening up we headed out for dinner at the Saltshaker Restaurant in Swansea, enjoying some of the local seafood.


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