Day 17 and Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park VKFF-0117

Day 17 (Friday 11th November 2022) was upon us and we had a full day at Cradle Mountain. Out accomodation deal at the Lodge included breakfast so we headed down there and enjoyed a nice cooked breakfast.

After breakfast we visited the Visitor Information Centre where they have some informative display and information about Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair.

It was a rather dull and overcast day, but we decided to do the Watersmeet and Platypus Bay walks. The Watersmeet walk takes you to the confluence of the Cuvier and Hugel rivers and the Platypus Bay walk is a short loop walk beyond that.

We were fortunate so see quite a bit of wildlife and birdlife along our walk. Sadly we did not see any platypus at Platypus Bay.

Despite the cloudy and foggy weather, there were some nice views of Lake St Clair along the walk.

We then visited The Wall in the wilderness at Derwent Bridge. It is a large gallery with two long stretches of wooden carvings. The carvings are from Huon Pine and took 7 years to complete.

Unfortunately no photographs are allowed in the gallery. But the video below shows you what it is like inside.

We had booked a trip on the Lake St Clair Ferry across Lake St Clair so we headed back to Lake St Clair Lodge. It was slow at times as there was an abundance of wildlife on the road.

We then caught the small ferry from Cynthia Bay to Narcissus and return. Along with the captain, the only other passengers on board other than Marija and I were some friends, one from Sydney and her friend from England.

Sadly it was very foggy and the Captain assured us that Mt Hugel, Mt Olympus, Mt Orthys, Mt Byron and Mt Ida were in fact still out there.

Before reaching Narcissus we stopped at Echo Point and were able to hop off the boat and have a walk through the rainforest.

We then reached Narcissus at the northern end of Lake St Clair and collected a group of bushwalkers that had been trekking for about a week through the National Park. Fortunately they sat up the front of the boat and we enjoyed the fresh air at the back.

It was late afternoon and we had some time for another activation of Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park VKFF-0117. We headed back to our operating spot alongside the Derwent River.

Again the mosquitos were out in force, so we operated from inside the 4WD. We ran the Yaesu FT857, 40 watts, and the 20/40/80m linked dipole for this activation.

It was pleasing to see an opening on 20m long path into Europe. I worked the following DX: – Japan, Hawaii, Italy, Slovenia, France, Finland, and Belgium.

Marija made the following QSOs on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK3UAO/p (Greater Bendigo National Park VKFF-0623)
  2. Vk3GJG/p (Buckley Nature Conservation Reserve VKFF-2054)
  3. VK3UAO/p (Kara Kara National ParkVKFF-0629)

Marija made the following QSO on 20m SSB:-

  1. ZL1XS

I made the following QSOs on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK3UAO/p (Greater Bendigo National Park VKFF-0623)
  2. VK3GJG/p (Buckley Nature Conservation Reserve VKFF-2054)
  3. VK3PF
  4. VK3AMO
  5. VK3VIN
  6. VK3IK
  7. VK2LEE
  8. VK5HS
  9. VK3KTT
  10. VK3MEHG
  11. VK2IO
  12. VK3AWG
  13. VK3UAO/p (Kara Kara National ParkVKFF-0629)
  14. VK1DI
  15. VK2YK
  16. VK5GA
  17. VK2NWT
  18. VK2NP
  19. VK2BYF
  20. VK5HAA
  21. VK3EW
  22. VK3SQ
  23. VK7HH
  24. VK1TX
  25. VK2EXA
  26. VK5FANA
  27. VK3ANL
  28. VK3BWS
  29. VK7XTC
  30. VK5BJE
  31. VK2PKT
  32. VK2MOR
  33. VK2CDB
  34. VK3ACZ
  35. VK3AHR
  36. VK3ABI
  37. VK5IS
  38. VK3GRX

I made the following QSOs on 20m SSB:-

  1. VK5HS
  2. VK4HAT
  3. VK2VW
  4. VK2HFI
  5. VK4TJ
  6. VK4NH
  7. VK4DXA
  8. VK4CZ
  9. JF7RJM
  10. VK5KLV
  11. KH6KW
  12. VK4KC
  13. VK4MAD
  14. VK4DOG
  15. VK4MGL
  16. ZL1TM
  17. IK4IDF
  18. ZL1XS
  19. IW2NXI
  20. IZ6YLM
  21. S55G
  22. F1BLL
  23. F4ILHJ
  24. OH6GAZ
  25. ON4VT
  26. IW2BNA
  27. OH1MM

We then packed up and drove the short distance to Derwent Bridge where we went out for dinner at the local hotel.


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