Mowantjie Willauwar Conservation Park

Following the activation at the Poonthie Ruwe CP, I drove a few kms away to the Mowantjie Willauwar Conservation Park.  The park is situated about 100 kms east of Adelaide, and about 5 kms south west of Tailem Bend.  Access is via Placid Estate Road, which runs off the Princes Highway.  This park is much better signposted that Poonthie Ruwe.  Although, there are no signs on the Princes Highway to indicate its existence.

Parks map

The park was proclaimed under its current name in June, 2005 and conserves about 143 hectares of Southern Cypress Pine forest, that includes two nationally threatened orchid species…the Sandhill Greenhood Orchid, and the Metallic Sun Orchid.  It is one of just nine areas left in South Australia where the Sandhill Greenhood Orchid can be found.  The park was originally constituted as the Tailem Bend Forest Reserve back in 1950.


The nearby Princes Highway originally cut through the park, but was rerouted in the 19990’s to bypass the park.

The name of the park is aboriginal in the native Ngarrindjeri language.  ‘Mowantjie’ is the name for the native pine found in the park, while ‘Willauwar’ is a plural word meaning ‘forest of species’.  Therefore ‘Mowantjie Willauwar’ means ‘Native Pine Forest’.

Over 40 different varieties of birds have been documented in the park.

IMG_2575          IMG_2574

Again I set up the dipole on the 7m squid pole and used the 817nd.  There are obviously plenty of trees here to string up the ends of the dipole.  This time, there was a bit more activity on 40m which was good.

My first QSO was with Glen VK3YY who was on top of Mount Dandenong VK3/ VC-025.  I had 2 other SOTA contacts during the afternoon.  The next was with Kevin VK3KAB on VK3/ VT-040, and then Peter VK3ZPF who was on top of VK3/ VT-026.

I also spoke with Andy VK5LA/p, who was operating portable as part of the VK5 Parks Award, up in the River Murray National Park.  I think this was Andy’s first parks activation, so congratulations Andy, and thanks for supporting the program/award.


I made a total of 14 QSO’s, all on 40m.

The following stations were worked:- Glen VK3YY/p (SOTA), Andy VK5LA/p (Murray River NP), Ron VK3AFW, John VK5BJE, Rod VK2ZRD, Col VK5HCF, Andrew VK2UH, Bernard VK3AMB, Brian VK5FMID, Kevin VK3KAB/p (SOTA), Peter VK3ZPF/p (SOTA), David VK5KC, Allen VK3HRA, and Peter VK2NEO.

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