Mark Oliphant Conservation Park

After the Scott Creek Conservation park, I travelled to the Mark Oliphant Conservation Park, which is located about 14 km south east of Adelaide in the Heathfield/Ironbank area of the Mount Lofty Ranges ‘Adelaide Hills.

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I last activated this park in July 2013.  For information on my prior activation and information on the park, please see my precious post at…..

This park was originally known as the Loftia Recreation Park.  It was renamed in honour of former state Governor Sir Mark Oliphant’s contribution to conservation, and to reflect the conservation status of the land.  It contains a small remnant parcel of high quality forest that is characteristic of the native vegetation of the higher rainfall areas of the Mount Lofty Ranges ‘Adelaide Hills’.  The park is about 178 hectares in size.

I have fond memories of this park.  A number of years ago I worked at Stirling for many years, and we often would hold our annual Christmas show here in the park.  A section of the park was leased as a recreation area.  There was a beautiful oval, BBQ facilities, tennis courts, and a kiosk.  However, this no longer appears to be the case.


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For my last activation I set up off one of the walking tracks off Evans Drive.  This time I set up off Scott Creek Road in the old Recreation area.  Sadly, this area appears to have gone to rack and ruins.  The former oval is no more and the area was quite run down.

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My first taker on 40m was Greg VK5GJ, again operating QRP 5 watts with his home brew transceiver.  This was followed by Peter VK3YE who was operating portable from Chelsea Beach with a 1/4 wave vertical antenna.  I again had a number of QRP callers including Les VK5KLV/p at Blanche Harbour with 5 watts, Nick VK3ANL/p running 5 watts, Peter VK3TKK also running 5 watts, Reuben VK7FREU/p running 5 watts, Peter VK3PF running just 1 watt, and Amanda VK3FQSO on just 1/2 watt (5/7-9 QSB).  The strongest caller of the day was Peter VK5NAQ from the Mid North of South Australia with a 30/9 signal.

There was quite a bit of QRM on the frequency with some very strong signals coming in from Europe.  It was noticeable that the noise level on 40m was much lower than normal.  It was extremely quiet.  That combined with the non existant man made noise floor from the park, made conditions on 40m: EXCELLENT.

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After operating on 40m ssb for about an hour and ssecuring 26 contacts in the log, I ventured over to 20m and put out a number of CQ calls.  However, my only taker was Adam VK2YK.  I tuned across the 20m band but there were not too many strong European signals.  And those that I did hear calling, were calling CQ contest for the JIDX contest.  So I decided to pack up and head home for my roast lamb.  I had a total of 27 contacts in the log from VK2, VK3, VK5, & VK7.

The following stations were worked on 40m SSB:-

  1. Greg VK5GJ/qrp
  2. Peter VK3YE/p/qrp
  3. Peter VK5KPR
  4. Andrew VK3ARR
  5. Brian VK5FMID
  6. Rod VK5VRB
  7. Les VK5KLV/p/qrp
  8. Nick VK3ANL/p/qrp
  9. Peter VK3TKK/qrp
  10. Nev VK5WG
  11. Allen VK3HRA
  12. Reuben VK7FREU/p
  13. Justin VK7TW/p
  14. Tony VK3AJW
  15. Peter VK3PF/qrp
  16. Grant VK2LX
  17. Amanda VK3FQSO
  18. Chuck VK2SS/p
  19. Ian VK3VIN
  20. Shaun VK5FAKV
  21. Matt VK3FORD
  22. Phil VK3BHR
  23. Paul VK7CC
  24. Andrew VK2UH
  25. Peter VK5NAQ
  26. Adam VK2YK

The following station was worked on 20m SSB:-

  1. Adam VK2YK



National Parks South Australia, 2014, <;, viewed 12th November 2014

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