South East trip

Marija VK5FMAZ and I are home from our trip to the South East region of South Australia.  We attended the South East Radio Group (SERG) Convention and had a great time.

Whilst away we activated a total of seven parks.  Six of those parks were in South Australia, whilst one was in Victoria.  We made a total of 567 QSOs with 44 of those being Park to Park.  We also competed a bit in the VK Shires Contest.

Bucks Lake Game Reserve VKFF-1690

  • Marija – 12 QSOs (1 Park to Park)
  • Paul -50 QSOs (1 Park to Park)

Douglas Point Conservation Park 5CP-057 & VKFF-0795

  • Marija – 11 QSOs
  • Paul – 46 QSOs

Telford Scrub Conservation Park 5CP-226 & VKFF-0805

  • Marija – 15 QSOs (1 Park to Park)
  • Paul – 80 QSOs (3 Park to Park

Lower Glenelg River Conservation Park 5CP-122 & VKFF-0905

  • Marija – 14 QSOs (1 Park to Park)
  • Paul – 51 QSOs (1 Park to Park)

Lower Glenelg National Park, Victoria VKFF-0296

  • Marija – 52 QSOs (7 Park to Park)
  • Paul – 65 QSOs (9 Park to Park)

Glen Roy Conservation Park 5CP-077 & VKFF-0797

  • Marija – 15 QSOs (5 Park to Park)
  • Paul – 53 QSOs (5 Park to Park

Padthaway Conservation Park 5CP-169 & VKFF-0924

  • Marija – 19 QSOs (4 Park to Park)
  • Paul – 84 QSOs (5 Park to Park)

2 thoughts on “South East trip

  1. Hi Paul,
    Glad to get the contacts I did on Sunday and Monday but sorry about Saturday missing Buck’s Lake and Douglas Point CP. May be the SE activators might fire up in these two locations? I was too busy and out for most of the day.
    It looks like the weather was a bit better than usual for the SE at this time of the year and you both did very well with the number of contacts.
    John D, VK5BJE/VK5PF

  2. Hi John,

    It was a great trip. I love the South East. The SERG Convention is on my list of things to attend each year. I particularly like the Sunday night dinner. And yes, weather conditions were pretty kind to us.


    Paul VK5PAS

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