China Radio International – 17490 kHz

On Saturday 13th November 2021 I tuned in to China Radio International broadcasting in the English language on 17490 kHz in the 16m band. This was a new frequency for me for CRI.

The broadcast was coming from the Kashi-Saibagh transmitter site. Kashgar Prefecture, also known as Kashi Prefecture, is located in southwestern Xinjiang, China, located in the Tarim Basin region. The transmitter power is 500kW.

Above:- CRI’s Kashi-Saibagh transmitter site. Map c/o Mapcarta

The CRI broadcast included the news and the China Plus program.

The overall reception of CRI was good. The signal strength was good and there was nil interference on the frequency or from adjacent frequencies. The band was very quiet with no static or atmospheric noise. There was slight fading on CRI’s signal.


Below is a video of my reception of CRI on 17490 kHz.


  1. World Radio TV Handbook, 2021

One thought on “China Radio International – 17490 kHz

  1. Hey! I have also received it today, November 18, 2021 with total clarity from Spain (Castellon). Thanks for your information about it. It has been a great help to me.

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