Reach Beyond Australia – 11905 kHz

Next in the log on Saturday 13th November 2021 was Reach Beyond Australia broadcasting on 11905 kHz in the Japanese language.

Reach Beyond in Australia commenced broadcasting to the Asia Pacific region on the shortwave bands in 2003. Until 2014 the station was known as HCJB Australia.

Below is a 2019 promotional video from Reach Beyond Australia.

Reach Beyond Australia uses large high gain antennas to direct their transmission signal. Some antennas can cover several countries at once whereas other specialty antennas radiate a selective narrow beam to provide maximum signal strength for particular listeners.

Reach Beyond Australia’s Parabolic Antenna can be directed at different parts of Asia, including countries such as India, Myanmar and Japan. Reach Beyond Australia also has a number of simpler Dipole Antennas that provide coverage of Asia as well as the Pacific Islands.

Above:- Reach Beyond Australia’s antennas. Image c/o Reach Beyond Australia website.

The overall reception of Reach Beyond Australia was excellent. There was no fading on the signal and no interference. Absolute ‘arm chair’ copy.


Below is a short video of my reception of Reach Beyond Australia.


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2 thoughts on “Reach Beyond Australia – 11905 kHz

  1. Hi John,

    Many years ago I also listened regularly to HCJB in Quito in Ecuador. What an amazing signal they always had. I have a few QSL cards and some flags/pennants from HCJB all those years ago.

    Sadly many of the big broadcasters are gone from SW, but there is still a lot to be heard.


    Paul VK5PAS

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