Wunkar silo VK-WNR5

After activating the Pike River Conservation Park (Tuesday 31st January 2023) I headed to the Wunkar silo. I turned off the Sturt Highway and travelled southwest on Stanitzki Road and into Loxton. I then took Kingston Road and detoured down to Milich’s Landing.

Milich’s Landing was named after early pioneers Johannes and Ernstine Pauline Milich. It was a regular stop for paddle steamers. Johannes and his oldest sons arrived and set up camp in 1899. Ernstine Paule and the remainder of the family arrived in 1902. The family lived in a kerosine tin hut near the site before moving into their new home at Pyap which was completed in 1913.

Ernstine Pauline was a midwife and at that time was the only medical assistance for Loxton and surrounding districts.

Above:- Ernstine Pauline Milich. Image c/o Brighter Lives Townsville Hospital Facebook page.

Wunkar is a tiny town in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia, about 27km west of Loxton.

Above:- Map showing the location of Wunkar. Map c/o Google maps.

It was originally a station on the Moorook railway line. The township of Wunkar was surveyed in 1926 after the railway station name was approved in 1925. The railway closed in 1971. The Wunkar school opened in 1925 and closed in 1973.

Above:- Surveyor map of Wunkar. Image c/o Trove.

Wunkar’s population as of 2021 was 51 people. There are a few dozen homes, a hall, and the Golden Grain Hotel. Wunkar is an aboriginal word meaning ‘grass’.

Adjacent to the silo was another very impressive tower that I would like to have at home with my antennas on top of.

The Wunkar silos are located in Snograss Road. They are located alongside of the old railway line.

I operated from the 4WD for this action and ran the Icom IC-7000, 100 watts, and the Codan 9350 self-tuning antenna.

Above:- the activation zone at the Wunkar silo. Image c/o SiOTA website.

I made the following contacts on 40m SSB:-

  1. VK3PF
  2. VK5FANA
  3. VK5BJE
  4. VK5DW
  5. VK3ZSC
  6. VK5ZSA
  7. VK5ZLT

I made the following contacts on 20m SSB:-

  1. VK5DW
  2. VK2IO
  3. VK3ZSC
  4. VK3OHM


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