Carappee Hill Conservation Park

I had intended on activating Carapee Hill, VK5/ -001 during the afternoon of Wednesday, 12th June, 2013.  But the weather was not kind, so I wasn’t keen on climbing to the top and getting rained out.  So I did activate the Carapee Hill Conservation Park.


The park was established in 1973, and covers an area of about 920 hectares.  Carappee Hill, which rises to a height of 495 metres above sea level, covers 63 % of the Conservation Park.  The hill is the highest point on the Eyre Peninsula and comprises of pre Cambrian rock.  The park had been a Water Conservation Reserve since 1955, and prior to this was leased for grazing purposes.

IMG_2864     IMG_2869

I worked a total of 9 stations on 40m SSB.

The following stations were worked:- VK3FDJT; Craig VK5LI; John VK5FMJC; Trevor VK5ATW; Nev VK5WG; Ian VK5CZ; Bill VK5MBD; David VK5KC; and Brian VK5ALZ.

I will be back here on my next trip to the Eyre Peninsula, to activate the summit.

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